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Why DES?


At Dancers Edge Studios we are passionate about

the art of dance and tumbling! We strive to provide

a positive atmosphere where our students can 

explore, grow, and nurture their own appreciation 

for the arts from recreational to competitive team 


In class we not only focus on instruction in the

performing arts, we also find it important to teach

life skills such as commitment, hard work,

self-discipline, high self-esteem, independence,

positivity, and confidence. 

We truly believe that including the arts in a child's

education is vital to ensuring a well rounded and

successful individual.

At DES, we work hard to keep up with the "cutting edge" techniques and developments of the dance and tumbling world so that we can provide your child the highest level of technical education. Staffed with a team of highly qualified and professional instructors, we are committed to inspire, train, and develop students of all ages and abilities. We characterize ourselves as valued and respected artists and this is reflected in the way our students are instructed and treated.

Our end-goal is to help produce successful young adults who know they are valued as an individual!! 

What makes DES Different?

There is a huge need in all communities for programs that value both recreational classes as well as competitive teams. We believe both to be equally important!! In the studio, we stress the importance of creating a positive space where every dancer/tumbler has the opportunity to thrive in the capacity that they CHOOSE is best for them!

EVERY CLASS was created with YOU in mind.  We have something for everyone whether it's our 1 hour a week recreational classes, our "technique only" non-performing classes, or "drop-in" classes (for those wanting more technical/dance training at the high school/college age level....readying them to audition for school teams and beyond or just to keep up on technical/dance skills), to our extensive competitive dance and hip hop team programs!


We feel strongly about the importance of EACH student as an individual and we want them to have the ability to CUSTOMIZE THEIR OWN EXPERIENCE that will be THEIR ideal fit!!  That is why we have created Age-specific Programs you can choose from to help your child have their "ULTIMATE EDGE EXPERIENCE".

"Stars" Combo Classes: 18 months - 5 yrs old

Our "Stars" combo classes are a great introduction to the world of dance for our youngest dancers!

The variety of combo classes that we provide incorporates elements of ballet, jazz, tap, and creative movement into a 1 hr/week class. We also provide tumbling classes for ages 3-5 yrs at this level called "Tumble Tots" and "Tumble Tykes"


At the age of 6, dancers have the opportunity to enroll in "Recreational" classes, where each genre is taught separately., This enables students to focus on the genres they have come to love and where more technical training can be emphasized.

"Recreational" Dance Classes: 6 yrs & up

Once a student reaches the age of 6 they can choose from a variety of recreational classes that are perfect for beginners and those students who want to improve their technique and develop a love for dance in a 1 hour, 1 time a week class. We know family's are busy so we try to offer a variety of class options to choose from that will best accommodate your family's schedule! These class options also include all our tumbling levels from beginning (Intro to Tumbling) to Advanced. These classes also run for 1 hour, 1x/week and there are different days/times for your convenience.

"Competitive Teams": 5 yrs & up

Our studio has several competitive teams! These teams are chosen by "audition only" and are for those students who want to take their dancing to the "edge"!!! The time commitment for each team varies by age/level. They will attend weekly technique classes that includes Ballet, Jazz Technique (turns, leaps and flexibility class), Team Choreography, Hip Hop, Tap and Tumbling.  Many of our older, more advanced dancers are also required to attend an additional ballet class. These dancers commit to more requirements, more competitions, more performances and dance should be the main activity in their life!

Because we feel that family, church, and friend time are also important, our studio competitive teams usually only have classes 

2-4 days/week in order to accommodate for other priorities.

Our students are past/present members of all (3) local High School Drill Teams, Dance Companies and Cheer Squads.  Many of our dancers and tumblers have gone on to audition and perform with Odyssey Dance Theater's "Thriller", the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square's Christmas Concert, Ballet West's "Nutcracker", and the nationally televised 4th of July show, "Stadium of Fire". We have also had students appear in several TV commercials!  This summer some of our Company dancers will be dancing in New York City's Time Square and on a Broadway Stage! While there, they will also have the opportunity to perform and train with some of the top dancers and choreographers in the nation!! Our company dancers attend/compete at national conventions where they have taken classes alongside many dancers from the hit show “Dance Moms” as well as nationally acclaimed dancers like Sophia Lucia! In the past, they have attended classes with choreographers from “So You Think You Can Dance”; including: Mia Michaels, Travis Wall, Al Blackstone, Tabitha & Napoleon (NappyTabs) and many, many more!



Dancers Edge Studios embodies the core values of the people we instruct. We believe in modesty in dress, movement & music. We strive for morality, ethical work practices, and honesty and we try our best to make sure those values are reflected in the way we act and how our studio is run.


We have 3 main focuses that we promise to provide:


We promise that your child(ren) will be taught genre specific dance and/or tumbling terminology, correct body placement, and the proper way to safely execute BOTH dance and tumbling skills. 



We promise that our costumes, music, movement & choreography will always be age-appropriate and modest. As a staff, we will strive to make sure our own dress, speech, and actions reflect these values as well.



We want our students to LOVE and look forward to coming to class at the studio!! Although the material covered in our classes is extremely important and will help them  progress toward their goals; we believe the social and emotional experience each student has is equally important! That's why we strive to provide our students  with a positive, uplifting atmosphere where they have the opportunity to learn and have fun! Our classes help build positive self esteem and confidence that will last a lifetime!

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