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Tuition & Discounts

  • The "SUMMER SEASON" will consist of weekly classes beginning Monday, June 12, 2023-August 17, 2023 for a 10 week duration.

  • The "ACADEMIC SEASON" will consist of weekly classes beginning the Tuesday after Labor Day in September 2023 – May 2024.

  • Our studio calendar is based on the Tooele School District, but may include other closure dates as necessary (see studio calendar on website/newsletters)

  • All accounts must provide an active credit or debit card to keep on file before registration is finalized. This will NOT be charged unless you have a balance on your account after the 7th of each month.

  • Tuition is due on the 1st day of each month, with a grace period until the 7th, through our parent portal or by cash or money order paid to the studio. You are also welcome to pay or our studio VENMO account. @dnzrsedgestudios-UT.

  • On the 8th, all cards on file will be auto charged for any outstanding balance plus the card service charge.  Please note any credit card that is declined will automatically incur a $25.00 late fee.  We do not mail, email or send out invoices.

  • Make-up classes are allowed, but must be scheduled and approved either by phone or email PRIOR to the day and within the same month of the missed class.

Annual Registration Fees

* Summer Registration (June-Aug):  $40.00 per student non-refundable registration fee.  (max $120/family)

* Academic Season Registration (Sept - May):  $45.00 per student non-refundable registration fee (max $135/family)

Summer Camp Tuition (Princess Ballerina Combo ages 3-5 yrs)

1 hr/wk   $150.00 for the ENTIRE Summer (June 12, 2023-August 17, 2023) *10 week duration

Monthly Tuition (per child)

  30 min/wk   $30.00 per month

  45 min/wk   $45.00 per month 

  1.0 hr /wk.   $50.00 per month

  1.5 hrs/wk   $70.00 per month

  2.0 hrs/wk   $80.00 per month                                   

  2.5 hrs/wk   $90.00 per month                          

  3.0 hrs/wk   $100.00 per month

  3.5 hrs/wk   $110.00 per month

  4.0 hrs/wk   $120.00 per month

  4:5 hrs/wk   $130.00 per month

  5.0 hrs/wk   $140.00 per month

  5.5 hrs/wk   $150.00 per month

  6.0 hrs/wk   $160.00 per month

  6.5 hrs/wk   $170.00 per month

  7.0 hrs/wk   $180.00 per month

- We do not pro-rate tuition.  Tuition is the same whether there is 2, 3, 4 or 5 weeks in the month.  Longer months make up for shorter months.  

- Returned check fee is $30.00.

- Declined Card (for any reason) $20.00 late fee added to account.  

- DES has a strict class withdrawal policy. It is listed on the registration forms and is on this website - cards will continuously be charged without the proper notification of withdrawal!!

- For any questions regarding your account, please contact the billing department at:

Family Discounts

 Family Discount: When 2+ children, from the same immediate family,  under 18 yrs old, are taking classes with DES,  a $5.00 discount is applied to the monthly tuition rate for the second child.


- Each Fall Season dance class will have a Recital Costume fee of $100.00 ($50 due by September 7th and $50 by October 7th). This will include a full costume, performance tights, if needed, & sometimes a hair piece.

- Each Fall Season tumbling class will have a tumbling uniform is $80.00 ($40.00 due by September 7th and $40.00 by October 7th).

               Includes: Uniform (either 1 piece bike-tard or 2 pieces top/bottom) for the recitals.

- All costumes/uniforms will be used for BOTH the Winter Recital in December and the Year End Recital in May. 



Shoes, Tights and Class Dress Codes

- The studio does follow a strict Dress Code policy...Please see the studio DRESS CODE for what each class is required to wear to classes.

- We suggest going to Onstage Dancewear in Taylorsville for all of your dance shoe needs. All you have to do is mention that you are from Dancers Edge Studios in Tooele and they will have know exactly what type of shoe(s) we use!

- You are responsible for purchasing your own child's shoes, tights and dance attire through out the year as they need them.   As with school shoes, dance shoes need to be replaced often, as their feet grow quickly and they put a lot of wear and tear on them in classes.  At the beginning of each dance year, we will hold a dance attire order day at the studio-watch the website and newsletter for those dates.



Recital Fees

Each Family Account will be assessed a family recital fee for each recital. This is in leu of charging at the door.  (this is NOT an optional fee)


November 1st     Winter Recital       $25.00/student  

April 1st               Year End Recital  $25.00/ student 

- COMPANY TEAMS recital fees are already included in their MONTHLY TEAM FEES (they are not paid separately)

Private Lessons

Studio Rental Fee: 
- $20.00 - per hour - paid directly to studio

Private Lesson WITH an instructor - please pay instructor directly - this amount is IN ADDITION to the studio rental fee.

$25.00 per ½ hour
$35.00 per 1 hour 

Class Withdrawals

All students wishing to drop a class, must notify DES in writing through email, by the 20th of the month prior to wanting to withdraw from the class.

If notice is received after the 20th of the month prior, FULL tuition for that class will be due for that next month. (Example, if you wish to drop a class in October, we must have notice by September 20th or you will still owe full tuition for October.) -

There will not be any class withdrawals allowed between Oct 21st- Dec 31st & March 21st - May (Year End recital)

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