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* Each Company Team will have a different hair requirement for their company team dances. 


Infinity Company:

Team dance (Grease Lightening):   Braided Double Messy Bun

In the video, she does not show how to do the (2) braids, but you’ll see them at the end of the video.  Please do them J

Messy buns should be on the TOP of the head with the Bandana tied at the top (see picture)


* Pre Ballet B #7:  keep the (2) messy buns for their ballet dance – NO BANDANAS J

* Tumbling: Can keep the same, or you can change it to a low ponytail


Messybuns How to Video:    
















Prodigy Company:

* Team dance (RIO): Mohawk Pull Thru with color strips tied thru hair


* Beg Ballet B Dance #26: Keep Mohawk

* Tumbling: Same

Mohawk How to Video:   













Velocity Company:

* Team dance (Wednesday Addams): WIG- This MUST be SEWN into their hair (how to video coming)


* Beg Ballet B Dance: Ballet Bun (Video below)

* Tumbling: Either


Wig Sewn In How to Video: COMING SOON 

Legacy Company:

* Team dance (Grandmas): WIG – this MUST be SEWN into their hair (how to video coming) J


* Beg Ballet A Dance: Ballet Bun (Video below)

* Tumbling: Either


Wig Sewn In How to Video: COMING SOON 

Synergy Company:

* Team dance #6: Mohawk Pull Thru (see video)


* Pre-Pointe/Beg. Pointe: Dancer Mohawk (if in INT Pointe-see Elites section for ballet hair)

* Tumbling: Can keep the same, or you can change it to a low ponytail 


Mohawk How to Video: 














Elite Company:

* Team dance (Goddesses): Down & CURLED with headband (like last year)

*  INT Pointe: Same as Elites (Down/Curled with headband)

                        If in Beginning Pointe: see ballet hair under Synergy

* Tumbling: loose low ponytail or bun in the back so it will stay curly L




Ballet Bun Info

* Hair should be slicked back into a Ballet Sock Bun – no hair parts, no bangs or no hanging hair.

* Please be sure your Bun Foundation (Donut Bun maker, Bun Maker, - different names) and hair nets are the color of your child’s hair and the correct size for their head.

* You want a SPONGE one, as it makes it easier to bobby pin it in!!!  J 

* They come in black, brown and blonde colors and in different sizes. Younger girls will want a smaller “donut” size.

* Bun makers and hair nets can be purchased at Walmart, Sally’s beauty supply, Wal-greens, Amazon     

 (Picture attached below)


















Please follow the video tutorial EXACTLY!! Anyone with the makeup applied incorrectly or with the wrong colors will be asked to start over this year!!!  Please be prepared!! 


 Makeup Video #1

* Everyone MUST wear foundation, Powder and False Lashes !!!

* (you can order eye shadow primer here @ this link- this is the same as last years, if you don't have any, get some before competitions:











Makeup Video #2

* Lipstain looks like regular gloss- put on 3 coats and dry each coat in between , then put on clear gloss.   Moms, PLEASE do not let your younger daughters put this on themselves- I still do Marah's :) Last year, we had many younger girls putting this on themselves and then looking like a clown (lol) This WILL STAIN, so please put on carefully!

* No Glitter Lip














Makeup Video #3















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